Snow and Ice Damage Claims

Funari Public Adjusters always works for you…..not for your insurance company.

Snow and Ice Damage

Outside and Inside your home or commercial building

Funari Public Adjusters have filed many insurance claims for snow and ice property damage for area homeowners and commercial property owners. Winter conditions can cause septic system freeze up, frozen pipes, roof damage or collapse and trees and wires coming down.

First Steps to take if snow and ice damage happens to you:

  • Move to a safe place and if warranted call 911 especially if you have received structural damage such as a collapsed roof or wires are down
  • If you have burst pipes and can do so safely, turn off the water service to your home or the water to the burst pipe
  • Document what damage you can with photos and lists

Funari Public Adjusters can recommend contractors to call.  Our caring team can manage your entire insurance claims process or step in when you want help.

With Funari on your side you can feel secure that all claims documentation is complete, your loss estimates are accurate and substantiated and that you are professionally represented in the settlement talks with your insurer.


Funari Tips to Prevent Snow and Ice Damage:

  • Drain all outside water systems before winter
  • Trim or remove trees too close to your home
  • Keep your roof in good repair
  • Keep your roof cold by insulating your home to prevent heat rising to the roof
  • Keep your roof cold by venting any warm air which does get near it
  • Insulate walls at the top where they meet the roof to avoid ice dams
  • Clear snow buildup on your roof
  • Clean gutters as they may encourage ice dams

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