Fire Damage

Funari Public Adjusters always works for you…..not for your insurance company.

Fire Damage

from minor outlet failure to partial and full property loss

At Funari Public Adjusters we have worked with hundreds of area residents who have experienced fire damage in their homes or commercial property. Even a minor home fire can cause extensive smoke damage. Over the years we’ve prepared claims for fire damage caused by electrical problems, appliance explosions or malfunction, lightning strikes, chimney fires, careless use of smoking and fire products.

First step to take if you have a fire:

  • Exit the building immediately and move to a safe location, then call 911 or your fire department
  • Never go back into the building until the fire marshall says it’s safe to do so

Funari Public Adjusters are experts in preparing fire damage/loss insurance claims and making sure you receive the settlement you should have. We can manage your entire insurance claims process or step in when you want help.

With Funari on your side you can feel secure that all claims documentation is complete, your loss estimates are accurate and substantiated and that you are professionally represented in the settlement talks with your insurer.


Funari Fire Prevention Tips:

  • Inspect and clean chimneys every year
  • Service your heating equipment every year
  • Have a licensed electrician inspect your wiring and bring it up to code as necessary
  • Consider installing a sprinkler system
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries every year
  • Install fire extinguishers and have pressure tested every year
  • Define resident and family house rules about smoking, candles, cooking

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